Mese: Settembre 2018

21 Settembre 2018

WOD 210918

Un for time massiccio ed un EMOM da 14' davvero cattivo!

17 Settembre 2018

WOD 170918

Workout of the day EMOM + AMRAP Non gurdare l'orologio ma dai tutto!

7 Settembre 2018

WOD 070918

W/U10-10-10 V-up10-10-10 DB Split squat10-10-10 DB Curl + press10-10-10 DB Plank row 6 RFT14 Air Squat8 T2B6 D-ball over-the-shoulder@55/254 Bar MU

7 Settembre 2018

WOD 050918 – Davide’s Birthday WOD

FOR TIME48 Du’s48 Db HPC&Jerk one arm alt.@15/1048 Db OH Lunges48 Strict HSPU48 Burpees48 Strict HSPU48 Box Jump48 Db SDHP48 Du’s

4 Settembre 2018

WOD 040918

5 Rounds of 45″ON – 15″OFFRowSit UpDB Snatch alt.Burpees BOOTCAMPAMRAP 710 Db Push Press alt.10 Box Jump10 Air Squat– REST 1′ –1′ Plank Hold– REST 1′ –AMRAP 520 Lateral Db Hop10 Burpees bjo

3 Settembre 2018

WOD 030918

SKILLHSPU For Time400m Run, then2 RNDS15 Bnd OHS15 HSPU 400m Run, then2 RNDS10 Bnd Strict Press10 Burpees 400m Run, then2 RNDS5 Bnd Thruster5 Bar MU